Khai Hoan Group has established and developed almost 20 years in real estate industry. The business strategic orientation together with the spirit of unity in the company has made Khai Hoan Group to become a most trusted corporation among the others. Gradually, Khai Hoan Group has affirmed its influential position in the Southern of Vietnam.+


The upcoming high-end projects which are directly invested and cooperated by Khai Hoan Group, have strengthened Khai Hoan Group's position in the real estate industry. The market orientation focuses on producing products that are alignment with nature, friendly environment and full facilities.+


Khai Hoan Group is proud to go along with the real estate industry for almost 20 years. So far, the company has attracted the fundamental amount of human resources which are skillful and long-term committed to the group. This is the core element and is the invaluable resources that Khai Hoan Group has achieved. +

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